With energy on your side.

  • Measurement technologies and Monitoring
  • To determine a reliable and detailed information basis we provide measurements, data analysis, calculations and solutions tailored to your individual requirements from a single source.
    Based on our extensive consulting experience, we offer you the advantages of a specific metrology and efficient analytical tools, tailored on energy audits.
    This facilitates not only an effective and efficient data collection in punctual consumption measurements but also allows, if nececssary, a continuous (multichannel) energy monitoring for longer periods, including rapid analysis and detailed reporting.
    Benchmarking of different energy consumer typologies and standardization across different locations, as well as a success reviews in accordance with the implementation of optimization measures become, of course, relatively easy
    Trust and build on our experience and expertise.

  • Energy Management.
  • We support, advise and assist you in developing, implementing and enforcing e f f e c t i v e energy management systems, for example according to ISO 50001:2011.
    In accordance with national and international standards, we will plan with you in your business your energy management, support you in implementing and testing to improve performance, energy efficiency and competitiveness in your business continuously.
    Based on the appropriate energy policy for your organization we plan and implement the energy management system accordingly.
    During operation, we accompany and support you through our measurement technique.
    We are happy to advise you on the regular internal and external audits and the analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of the management system in view of constantly improving the energy efficiency of your organization.
    We are available for advice, questions, further information and project implementation in your company.

  • Consulting.
  • We advise and assist you in energy management, the cost-effective energy procurement and guide you through the continuous improvement of energy efficiency and sustainable reduction of energy costs.
    As experienced experts and energy consultants, we help you in all aspects of the energy topic and offer customized and tailor-made solutions.
    We always keep your advantage, and the desired results in sight. Always with the aim to increase your energy efficiency, reduce your energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

    • Establishment and operation of energy management systems according to ISO 50001:2011
    • Increase of the energy efficiency
    • Reduction of energy costs.
    • Reduction of CO2 emissions.
    • Reliable basis for making profitable investment decisions.
    • Efficient and implementation-oriented project management.
    • Know-how and reliability.
    • Experience and expertise in energy procurement.
    • Industry energy concepts, metrics, benchmarking
    • Advice on the use of energy services (inspection, maintenance and procurement).
    • Support in communicating with institutions and authorities.
    • Advice and implementation support in the use of subsidies.

  • Energy audit
  • We offer help in the implementation of your energy audits and give you metrological support.
    The aim of the energy audit is, among other things, the survey measurement and quantification of energy use and associated energy costs.
    An energy audit includes the major energy consumer and is often the most appropriate method to quickly and effectively identify measures for energy efficiency improvements.
    Internal and external energy audits are also carried out in connection with the establishment, implementation and operation of energy management systems (e.g. ISO 50001:2011 replaces EN 16001).
    We help you with the implementation of energy audits.

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Energy efficiency for the grain mills and animal feed producers branch. The energy efficiency study for the grain and feed milling and branch was developed in collaboration with the Austrian Association of Food Industry and the austrian klima:aktive program of the Austrian Energy Agency. For further information available call +43 0699 11357508 .

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